Frequently Asked Questions

For Patient

  1. What is PreVisit?
    PreVisit is an application that helps you explain what brings you to see us today. You can choose appropriate selections in the waiting room at your own pace. Your basic story is sent to the provider so greater details can be gathered during the face-to-face visit.
  2. If I use PreVisit do I still get time to talk with my doctor?
    PreVisit does not replace talking with your physician. We value the patient-physician interaction. With PreVisit, we can focus more time on you and your child instead of a computer screen.
  3. Do I have to sign up to use PreVisit?
    No sign up is required. You simply provide your name and choose the doctor you are seeing today to get the visit started. When you are called to go back to the room, please let the medical assistant know you used PreVisit.
  4. Is my information shared outside of my practice?
    Your personal and protected health information stays with your practice. No identifying information goes outside our system.

For Physician

  1. Does the doctor use an iPhone or iPad in PreVisit?
    No. The doctor workflow doesn't change at all when you start using PreVisit.
  2. Does the MA use an iPhone or iPad in PreVisit?
    No. The MA does not use an iPhone or iPad with PreVisit.
  3. Do patients need to have an iPhone with PreVisit?
    No. The iPad kiosk in your waiting room can be used by any patient in the same way an iPhone is.
  4. Do all patients have to use PreVisit?
    Not at all. If patients do not wish to use PreVisit, they will be seen using your existing workflow.
  5. What happens if my PreVisit office website doesn't work?
    We have 24-hour call support available to discuss and remedy the issue. We understand physician offices can't afford to be without their tools for patient care.
  6. Is PreVisit affected by updates to our existing EMR?
    No. PreVisit is an entirely different platform and is not affected by upgrades to your existing EMR.
  7. Can PreVisit be downloaded to an android device?
    At this point we do not have an android version. We are in the process of completing an android version and hope to release it in the next few weeks.
  8. Does PreVisit cost the patient anything?
    No. PreVisit is free to patients. We do not offer purchase opportunities in the device. PreVisit is a tool to improve access to the patient so we don't charge anything to our patients.
  9. Is patient information protected by PreVisit?
    Absolutely! We have satisfied requirements set forth by your doctor office and federal guidelines to protect your information.
  10. Do you have marketing material we can give to patients so they understand PreVisit?
    Yes. We have several items developed to help your patients understand and feel confident in the use of PreVisit.
  11. How does the MA retrieve patient information?
    We have developed a video which walks through step-by-step instructions for use by the MA. We also have a quick reference sheet.
  12. Can the physician request modifications to the existing templates?
    We very much want to hear all your suggestions. At this point, no changes are being made to the templates. We do have some amazing plans in the works to help your physicians fine-tune the templates.
  13. What if the patient submits a story with PreVisit but does not actually visit our office?
    The application itself explains that no stories are viewed by the physician or staff until the patient is checked into the schedule and a note is started on the day's visit.
  14. Can patients make appointments with PreVisit?
    Patients can't make appointments using PreVisit at this time. We are working with offices to provide us the opportunity
  15. Can patients send messages to the physician using PreVisit?
    No. PreVisit is not a tool to provide patient-physician communication. Physicians can not send or receive messages from patients using PreVisit.